Dinello's day #2 · March 30, 2008

So today we woke up pretty jet-lagged- but Hannah and I were ready to go on the town- Darrin, not so much!! He was up from 11:30 pm- 7 am-so he had to sleep a bit today.  Hannah and I took on China ourselves! We went to the Nanjing museum- just ok as far as museums go- but got attacked by our "paparazzi" again- this time I have pictures of the crowd to prove it!! One of the boys said- I just want a picture with "mama" -yes it was me he wanted in the picture-so funny!! They all kept telling me "you have very pretty daughter".

After not being able to find a place to eat- we settled on a dish of ice cream for lunch(so super healthy!) and then stumbled upon a mall the likes of which I have never seen before- I swear I heard trumpets overhead and saw angels flying!! It was six stories of super luxury stores- burberry,prada,gucci-you get the idea- and on the top floor was the store to beat them all....Toys R Us!!! We spent most of our time in there!  I loved watching all the little children running around- I swear China has the most gorgeous children- I could take every one home w/ me!! One little baby in particular was laughing out loud for ten minutes while we played peek-a-boo! I hope this is a good sign!!

Finally- we dragged Darrin out of the room and went to dinner in the middle of a place that I can only describe as being a little smaller than Times Square- Nanjing is not the "village" that I had imagined- it is a city in every sense of the word. Hannah said it's so much like New York that she calls it "Chin Zork"- she is such a crack-up!!

So it is 8:50 pm on Sunday now, I just took a couple of Tylenol Pm's hoping to catch a wink of sleep- I cannot explain the excitement and panic that I feel right now. Possibly I have been over-confident that all will be well and we will get through it. Well- now I am just so afraid for this darling- my heart is breaking. I am happy this is her last night in the orphanage- but at the same time- we are taking her from all that she knows. I just pray for peace for her little nervous heart. I ask for all of you to pray tonight- we should be meeting her around 10:15 pm Sunday east coast time- please pray for little Hope and all of the children meeting their families this day. Give them peace, comfort, and let them feel the love in all of our hearts for them.

Ok- before I start blubbering- I am going to sign off- I probably won't post again until after we have Hope......

Much love to all of you!! Joseph, Caroline and Charlie- we are giving Hope big kisses from her brothers and sister!!!

We love you!


Darrin, Amy & Hannah XOOXOXO