More personality emerges!! And, attack of the flies!! Also, one month to the day a family!
June 23, 2008
      Jillian becomes more vocal as more of her personality emerges!
More personality emerges!!

      June 23, 2008.  This baby girl is letting her voice be heard!  We're getting more smiles, giggles, and ahhhs.  She has gained some weight, her face has a fuller look, and has a clean bill of health from the pediatrician! 

      A few of new firsts for Jillian:  Eats with a spoon, Saturday, June 14, 2008, we started out trying strained prunes.  She just loves to eat.  Father's Day was her first meal courtesy of Gerber's.  We've  since started two meals a day supplemented by Similac 3 times a day. Tuesday, June 17, 2008, first visit to the Pediatrician, the Lab for bloodwork, and the Radiology Dept. for her first xray.   And, she started nodding her head, Monday, June 23, 2008.

       We also hope that we're not reverting back to China time.  Jillian is starting to wake up around 3 AM again.  Hoping it's just a wet diaper and/or teething causing this.  She does, however, go back to sleep after a diaper change, and a few ounces of similac and some baby oragel. 

      Jillian has also received lots of gifts from her aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors since we.'ve come home, as well as, her first USPS package delivery.  Apologies to all as Mommy has not been very good with her thank you cards!!   Although, she really does have a good excuse!! 

      This past Sunday, June 22, 2008, our kitchen was attacked by a swarm of flys!!!  I had Jillian were out for the day, and John was working.  Jillian and I came home to at first was one or two flys in the kitchen.  I dismissed it, and assumed that they came in when we opened the door.  Later on, I noticed a half dozen more flys.  Too much of a coincidence.  I took out the trash, and saw more flys in the kitchen window.  I tapped on the screen, and before you know it the kitchen was swarming with flys!! 

      In a panic, I called John to tell him what was happening.  I turned on the air conditioners to 60 degrees, which turned on the heat and kept the kitchen warm while the rest of the house stayed cold.  I kept the lights on in the kitchen, and closed off the rest of the house off from the kitchen.  I packed up some of Jillian's toys, clothes and food into the car.  I called my father, woke Jillian out of a sound sleep, and made the great escape to Papa's house.  We stayed there for three days while poor John was left to deal with the mess!!  Thank goodness the flies were contained in the kitchen!! 

      Where did they come from???  A short while back some squirrels decided to make a hole and a home in the frame of our kitchen window.  We called an exterminator to evict the squirrels to a new location.  We think they left one behind and sealed the hole. 

       Apparently, there were two small holes in the window framing on the inside where the flies had an escape route into the kitchen.  John bombed the kitchen, and we called a new exterminator to come back in for new preventive measures against any further insect and animal intrusions!! 

      Friday, June 27, 2008.  Meanwhile, a ladybug landed on Jillian yesterday.  I thought it was a fly, and almost had a heart attack!!  With the trauma of the fly situation, little did we realize that Jillian was placed in our arms one month to the day, yesterday.  Wonder if that had anything to do with the ladybug???  Stranger things have been known to happen!!! 

     A month ago today, however, is the day we officially became a family, and our adoption process completed!!!  Our hearts are just bursting with love for this baby!!! 

     We consider ourselves lucky and fortunate to have her in our lives.  She has brought life to our world!!!