A visit to the doctor and the Cow and Bridge · August 30, 2009

Today was a rough day.  Bailey woke up with a high fever!  I was pretty sure it was due to the four shots she got yesterday but when we had breakfast she refused to eat so we went to the hotel doctor.  For a five star hotel the doctor's office was a bit drab.  The paint was dingy, the wallpaper was peeling in spots and there was a stretcher propped up in the corner that looked like it came from MASH.  Bailey was less than thrilled to be there and the doctor and nurse tried their best to calm her fears by playing with her but she was having no part of it.  After explaining to the doctor that she had four shots and she wouldn't eat breakfast he took a look at her throat and listened to her heart.  He said that her throat was irritated and she sounded a little congested and he was going to give us an antibiotic.  As he wrote out the Rx I fully anticipated a trip to the pharmacy but much to my surprise, he was the pharmacist too! He and the nurse moved to the front office where they took small bottles and big bottles from a cabinet and started to measure and pour all sorts of liquids into them.  After about ten minutes or so he called us over and explained how to give Bailey the medicines.  She was to take "one line" of each of the three bottles three times per day and the antibiotic four times per day.  He said to mix them all together and give it to her.  As soon as we were back in our room we did just that.  She continued to refuse to eat all day but her fever came down with Motrin and we decided that we all needed a change of scenery so we headed out for a walk and then dinner with our travel mates. 

The Cow and Bridge serves Thai food and after reading over the lengthy menu we decided to order a variety of dishes and share them in the traditional Chinese way using the lazy Susan in the middle of the table.  When the food began to arrive Bailey perked up and ate almost an entire bowl of congee plus a good bit of noodles. She had been drinking all day so I wasn't really worried about her not eating but boy does it do a mom's heart good to see their child eat a good dinner!

After dinner we did a little shopping and then headed back to our room for an early night.  Bailey and I worked on her english for about an hour and then it was time to call it a day.  Hopefully we will wake up to a cool forehead and a happy baby.  Until then, enjoy the photos!

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Even with a fever she is still sweet and funny!
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