Tricycle Races and Game Day! · October 10, 2009

Today the little girls were riding their tricycles on the driveway when the big kids decided that they wanted in on the action.  Baker figured out how to ride the  little girls around on the big trike and before long, Brooke challenged him to a tricycle race.  We all had a great laugh and Brea and Bailey enjoyed cheering them on from the sidelines.  Of course one competition started another so before long the hoola hoops, pogo balls and skateboards were pulled out!  Thank goodness the rain came and stopped the competition because Brooke nor Baker were willing to call it quits!

LSU played Florida this evening...the biggest game of the year here in Baton Rouge.  We cooked up a big batch of gumbo and watched the gators take a bite out of Danny's beloved tigers.  Brea and Bailey could care less about the game but really enjoyed getting decked out in their purple and gold.  Poor Bailey really doesn't understand why Daddy yells at the television so the first quarter was a little rough with a few tears (Bailey...not Danny).  Thankfully they spent the next three quarters watching a movie and playing with Brooke. 

Here are a few photos from our day.  Enjoy!

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My babies!
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