The Science Museum, Valentines, Tricycles and Marbles! · February 23, 2009

January and February have been really busy months.  The kids tracked back in (year round school) at the end of January but before they went back to school we were able to squeeze in some fun outings including a trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh (one of their favorite places)!  Basketball season is in full swing and school field trips and parties are keeping me hopping during the day!  We've also been blessed with some really warm days which means Brea has been burning up the sidewalks on her tricycle!  Unfortunately those warm days came and went and now she is having a hard time understanding why she can't go outside without her coat.  I think this kid might have a future as an attoryney...she sure can put up a good argument!  Here are some photos from the last few weeks.  Enjoy!


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Petting a bunny at the NC Science Museum
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