Happy 6th Birthday Brea! · June 07, 2011
Our precious Brea celebrated her 6th birthday on Sunday, June 5th, 2011.  Her Sunday school class sang Happy Birthday to her and shortly after church it was time to head to the mall for her party.  She chose to celebrate at Build A Bear Workshop with her friends.  The kids picked out their new furry friends, stuffed them, gave them a fluff bath, made birth certificates for them and took them home in a cardboard bear condo.  After everyone finished their furry friends we headed to the food court for cookie cake and drinks.  Because the party was on a Sunday at 4:00 pm we had to limit the refreshments because the mall closes at 6:00 on Sunday.  After singing, eating cake and drinking lots of Capri Suns the kids headed to the carosel for a ride!  It was the perfect way to end Brea's special birthday celebration. 

Here are a few pictures from Brea's birthday party.  Enjoy!

Stuffing her new dog at Build A Bear Workshop.
Giving her new dog a fluff bath!
Brea and her friend Alex from kindergarten.
Brea and her little friends celebrating at Build A Bear.
The birthday cake.
The birthday girl!
Blowing out the candles and making a wish.
A Rapunzel wig...just what she wanted! :0)
Brea with her friends at the food court.
Brea and her dear friend Marissa.
Brea and her friends Emmy Lou and Elly.
Brea and her friends James and Christine.
Brea and her friends (and our neighbors) Karissa, Jacob and Lane.
Two of my three princesses on the carosel.
Brooke (on the right) with her best friend Brooke H. (on the left) at the party.
Brea LOVED the gift that Marissa gave!!!
I'm not sure who loved the Barbies more...Brooke H. or Brea!
Headed to the food court!
My sweet birthday girl with her new puppy.
Playing a game with the party host.