Baker's bowling birthday party and Bailey's 1st Gotcha Day! · October 11, 2010
Wow...where has the year gone?  I can't believe it is already October!  Baker celebrated his 11th birthday on August 26th but with football in full swing, youth group activities and  adjusting to a new school year we had to delay his birthday party until we had a free weekend.  We finally squeezed it in on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago and he had a great time celebrating with his buddies.  We all had a great time bowling, playing in the arcade and eating pizza and birthday cake.  We were all surprised when Brea walked over and picked up a bowling ball and threw it down the lane!  She really enjoyed bowling but Bailey was a different story.  She was very excited until we got there.  She quickly decided that she did not like the bowling alley.  It was too loud and she wanted nothing to do with bowling!  She made it very clear that she did not want her birthday party at the bowling alley!!!  The only part of the party she enjoyed was the redeeming the arcade tickets for prizes.  Baker and his friends all had a great time and the two hour party was over before we knew it.

We also recently celebrated Bailey's first gotcha day.  We met Bailey for the very first time on August 24th of 2009.  Her adoption was finalized on August 25th and we arrived home to the good old U.S.A. on September 3rd.  The day a child is placed with their forever family is often called Gotcha Day so on August 24th we celebrated Bailey's 1st Gotcha Day with a special dinner and cupcakes.  It is hard to believe she is the same little girl that we were handed a year ago.  She was afraid of everything (brushing her teeth, a bath, the swimming pool, etc.) and she would go to anyone who showed her any attention at all.  I'm pretty sure anyone could have taken her without her making a peep because she had been bounced from foster home to foster home, back to the orphanage and then finally placed with a funny looking couple from the U.S.A.  I'm pretty sure she thought this was a temporary arrangement like all the others and when she thought it might be a forever thing she made sure she pushed all our buttons and tried us to be sure we loved her enough to keep her.  Well, I think she is finally getting over that and has decided that this is for keeps.  Don't get me wrong...she still throws fits if she doesn't get her way but it is less and less often than it was.  She no longer goes to stranger but instead clings to mommy and daddy for dear life as if she fears someone might take her.  She now brushes her teeth by herself and lets mom or dad check her brushing once she is done.  She loves to take baths and she loves the swimming pool now!  She is outgoing with other children and she warms up to adults with time.  She speaks english wonderfully and refuses to speak chinese at all (which makes me sad...I really wanted her to retain her chinese language skills).  She loves her brother and sisters even though they fight like all siblings do and she loves her mommy and daddy and gives hugs and kisses freely!  She has added so much to our family and we can't imagine life without her.  When God led us to Bailey we had no idea how we would manage with four children but we have learned and I am thankful that we followed God's lead and stepped out in faith to bring this precious child into our family!

Enjoy the photos of Baker's party!  
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Baker's bowling birthday cake. He insisted it be home made. I think it turned out cute but I think ordering one from the bakery is MUCH easier!!!
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