A little Fall fun! · October 18, 2009

I LOVE fall!  The air is crisp, nature puts on a beautiful show of color and the pumpkins show up all over town in make shift pumpkin patches!  Even though it is mid October it is just now starting to feel like fall here in the Baton Rouge area.  The high this weeekend was 64 which is just perfect for festivals, pumpkin patch visits and yard work. 

Saturday we attended the fall festival at the elementary school.  There were so many people there and it was a little overwhelming for Bailey.  She stuck close to mommy and took it all in but she didn't want to participate in any of the games, face painting or dancing.  Brea on the other hand was so excited to participate in the cake walk (or musical cakes as she called it).  She was thrilled when they called her number and she won a lollipop (she was actually eliminated but it was a win for her).  She couldn't wait to get her face painted and she even did a little line dancing with Brooke and her friends. 

We also made a visit to the local pumpkin patch.  Bailey wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins but she soon joined in the fun when she saw the other kids checking them out.  It took about an hour to pick out four pumpkins.   Bailey inspected each pumpkin before she made her choice.  She insisted on pulling it to the wagon even though it weighed almost as much as she did.  She finally accepted help from Baker when it was time to lift it into the wagon but insisted she help him. 

The rest of the weekend was full of yard work, outdoor play and the re-assembly  of  the swingset.  We have had so much rain here in LA that the yard has been to wet to get out and put the swingset back together.  Needless to say, Brea has missed her swingset and she was thrilled when the last bolts were put in and Daddy announced that it was safe for her to play on again!  Bailey isn't so sure about the swings.  I don't believe she has ever seen anything like them because she stood back and watched but wanted nothing to do with them.  I predict that it won't be long before she is swinging with Brea and climbing the rock climbing wall along side her sister.  Sadly we have decided that this will be Woody's last move.  Woody is the name the big kids gave the swingset when we got it years ago.  Woody replaced our old swingset named Rusty (who now lives at Grandpa and Grandma's farm) but our moves have taken its toll on Woody and this will be his final resting place.  Not to worry still have lots of life left in you and Brea and Bailey will be giving you a run for the money!

Weekends like this one are a wonderful reminder that the simple things in life is what makes us the happiest.  A little face paint, some big orange pumpkins and lots of outdoor play put smiles on all of our faces.  I hope each of you were blessed with some special family time and the gift of God's free art show outside.  Enjoy the photos!

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Brea with her beautiful butterfly!
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