RCC Women's Retreat · October 25, 2009

This weekend was the women's retreat for River Community Church.  We had an awesome time worshipping, playing, learning, growing and just getting to know each other.  Being the lucky person that I am (ha ha) I chose the cabin that had the broken water heater!  My roomies and I decided not to turn our heat on at night because we just knew we'd get hot...nope, we froze!!!  I'm still not sure why one of us just didn't get up and turn it on...probably because we were to cold to climb out from under the covers!  We were blessed with awesome music, wonderful teachings and an in depth look at the book of Proverbs.  The weekend was over way to soon and it was time to get back to reality but I promised to post these photos for everyone to see so here they are!

One final note...Danny was left with the four kids for the first time ever!!!  He did just fine!  The little girls were wearing mix matched clothes when I got home and hair dos that could only have been created by their Daddy but they were happy, healthy and in one piece...what more could I ask for?  They ate fast food for every meal and I'm pretty sure Baker didn't shower all weekend.  Brooke's eyes looked glazed over (she requires at least 8-10 hours of sleep) which means she didn't get her beauty rest but she to was just fine!  I was greeted by two beautiful little girls screaming "MOMMY" with sticky kisses and big hugs...priceless!  I am happy to be home but I think Danny is even happier!  :0)

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