Rain, Preschool Party and a visit with Santa · December 11, 2009

The little ones and I have had a very busy and wet week.  The good news is the girls don't mind the rain at all.  In fact, they love it!  They would spend the day outside playing in it if I'd let them.  I'm including a few photos of them as we were leaving for preschool one morning this week. 

Today was Brea's Christmas party at preschool.  The class had snacks, made ornaments, hit the pinata, played games, had a book exchange and celebrated the birth of Jesus with a birthday cake!  It is such a joy to go these parties and see Brea being a normal little girl.  She interacts, behaves and enjoys herself just like all the other children in the class.  If you didn't know her story you would never know what she has been through.  It is hard to imagine that the little girl I watched trying to eat her cake today without hands (like a reindeer would eat) is the same little girl that was so tiny and weak before her transplant.

After the party Brea and I visited Bailey's Mother's Day Out class.  She goes two mornings a week and loves it!  They were eating their lunch when we got there and Bailey was so excited to show me where she sits, how she cleans up her own mess after lunch and all the art projects hanging around the room that she and her classmates have been working on.  When it was almost time to go I broke the news to the girls that we were going to the mall to visit Santa.  They almost pulled my arms off trying to get me to the car.  They were so excited!

Once at the mall I realized that I had failed to check Santa's schedule.  As we all know, Santa is a busy guy this time of year and it just so happens that he was out checking on the toys being produced in the North Pole.  Fortunately he was back within an hour and we were the third party in line to see him.  As he was making his way out to his big chair Brea spotted him.  She began to jump up and down shouting "Hey Santa, its me, Brea".  She was the only one in the long line making a fuss over his arrival so much to our surprise Santa walked right over and talked to her and Bailey before going to his chair!!!  Once we made it to the front of the line and the girls had their turn on Santa's lap they knew exactly what they were going to ask him to bring to them.  Brea asked for a scooter that doesn't go to fast and Bailey asked for a Princess Scooter.  Brea was quick to tell Santa all about Bailey.  Santa now knows that Bailey is Brea's little sister and she just came home from China!  Bailey was quiet around Santa compared to Brea but  once Santa gave her a goody bag she was non stop chatter. The drive from the mall to our house is less than 15 minutes but Bailey didn't make it.  She fell asleep before I made it out of the mall parking lot. 

Christmas is going to be big fun this year with two little ones!  I still have to pinch myself to be sure that this is all true.  God has blessed us with four awesome kids and we couldn't be happier about the noise, chaos and clutter that we call life.  Enjoy the photos.

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