Back to School and Baker's 12th Birthday! · September 13, 2011
It seems like school has been in session for months when in fact it has only been weeks!  Everyone is getting back into the routine and when 8:00 pm rolls around each night we roll up the sidewalks!  It is hard to believe that this year I have a child in Pre K4, one in 1st grade, one in 7th grade and one in high school!!!  Of course the beginning of the school year also means the beginning of all those after school activities that keep me running.  Dance, piano, football and soccer keep the wheels on the bus (aka: my minivan) rolling.  Busy?  Yes!  Love my life?  You bet! 

August is also Baker's birthday month!  He turned 12 on the 26th and we celebrated with a pool party!  He had about 15 kids over and we swam, snacked, had a water balloon fight, played several games of chicken and then ate his chocolate birthday cake before it had a chance to melt.  Here are a few pictures from the first day of school and our birthday boy's party!  Hope you enjoy them!

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Brea- 1st grade
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