Biopsy, bunnies, baseball and bubbles! · April 01, 2010

The last few weeks have been beyond busy!  Brea had her annual heart biopsy, we started baseball season, visited the Easter bunny and spent a day with some of God's creatures at "Farm Day" where Brooke volunteered as part of the student council for her school. 

We just returned LATE last night from Little Rock, AR.  It was a quick trip up and back for Brea to have her annual heart biopsy to check for rejection.  We arrived LATE Tuesday night and got settled into our hotel room and was up again bright and early Wednesday morning.  We checked into the hospital around 7:00am and Brea went to the cath lab around 9:00am.  She was in there for two LONG hours while they snipped samples from her heart muscle and ran dye through her coronary arteries to check for plaque build up (which is a common problem for transplant patients).  Danny and I were able to go with her into the cath lab and stay until she was well on her way to la la land.  It took an amazing amount of narcotics to get her to go to sleep.  She fought it so hard but finally gave in with a dose of Ketamine.  Dr. Eble came out and gave us the news that her coronaries were in great shape but it was late in the afternoon when we were already on our way back to Louisiana before we learned that her biopsy showed NO REJECTION at all!!!  Our prayers had been answered!!!  Danny and I both agree that this trip was not just physically exhausting but mentally draining.  The drive to Little Rock leaves one with hours and hours to think...which is not always a good thing.  Every field that we passed seemed to speak volumes...the one that had not been plowed and readied for a new crop seemed to scream "Bad News" while the ones that had already been plowed, planted and were starting to sprout were quick to remind me of the new life God gave Brea with this new heart.  Yesterday was Brea's three year anniversary with her new heart and as happy as that makes me it also reminds me that Salvador's family is marking a third anniversary of his death.  On a positive was wonderful to see some of the doctors and nurses that have meant so much to us.  Arkansas Children's Hospital is such a wonderful place and I can honestly say that those that we have encountered there really love what they do and it shows!!!  We are so blessed to have this hospital and the wonderful people who work there on Brea's transplant team!

The photos that I posted were all taken over the last week or so.  BUSY doesn't even begin to describe my days lately.  Brooke and Brea are getting ready for dance recitals, baseball season has started which has meant two practices and two games each week, Brooke's school clubs have had several events lately that has kept us on the road including farm day and Student Council Olympics AND  there have been Easter programs at school, Baker's guitar lessons, church lock ins, pie day at school, a visit with the Easter bunny and all the little things that it takes to keep a family of six going (grocery shopping, doctors appointments, etc.)  I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you have a blessed Easter!  He is risen indeed! 

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Brooke wearing her "pie shirt" for school pie day! Yes, I mean the mathmatical pie not the kind that grandma makes!
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