Easter, Dance Recital,8th grade graduation, End of the school year and more! · May 22, 2011

Spring Break and Easter came and went in a flash.  We traveled to Panama City Beach for a quick trip to visit with family from Indiana. Easter weekend we spent two days at Danny's dad's house.  We ate way too much, had Easter egg hunts for the girls, played lots of Scrabble with Grandma Lanelle and the girls had a chance to explore Grandma and Grandpa's giant garden.  We drove home on Saturday night because we wanted to attend our church on Easter Sunday.  The girls chose big magnolia blooms from our yard to place on the cross in the sanctuary.  They were so proud of their contribution!

Of course spring means baseball and this year the season started with some very exciting games!  Baker is playing for the Phillies this year and in one of the first games he hit a double and had 2 RBIs.  In another game he tagged a guy out at second and then threw the ball home for another out!  His team mates are all good kids and his coach is a wonderful Christian man who is not only teaching the boys more about baseball but he is also praying with the boys and teaching them about God and what it means to live your life as a Christian. 

After Easter we started gearing up for the dance recital!  It was held on May 15th.  This year all three of our girls were in the recital.  This was Bailey's very first recital and she was dressed as a flower and danced to "Little Shop of Horrors".  She did a great job even though she fell face first out of her flower pot within the first ten seconds of the dance.  Like a pro, she picked herself up and went right on with her routine.  She later announced that she thinks she wants to try "soccer foot ball".  We were so proud of her for giving dance a try, for sticking to it all year AND for going on with the show even when she had a rough start!!!  This was Brea's third recital and she was dressed as a beautiful butterfly for her ballet.  She danced to the song "Butterfly Kisses".  Needless to say there were lots of tears from mommy and daddy.  Her tap dance was to a little song called "I'm Fussy".  I think she was as excited about getting to wear a little blush and lip gloss for recital day as she was about performing.  Yep, she is all girl!  She did a great job with both of her dances and we are so proud of her!  Brooke had four dances in the recital.  All of her costumes were spectacular but my favorite was her ballet costume.  This was her 11th recital and she too did a fabulous job!  It is hard to believe that just 11 short years ago she to was a beginner and danced like the youngest of the students in the recital.  She has come SO far and we are so very proud of her!

On May 19th we celebrated Brooke's 8th grade graduation and awards ceremony!  Afterwards the school served dinner and then we headed out for two graduation parties.  It was a LONG evening and I think we finally made it home around 1:00 am.  Needless to say, the little ones went home early with Danny. 

The kids finished school on May 20th.  I know that is early for lots of folks but remember...we don't have any snow days to make up here in Louisiana.  The school year seemed to fly by.  Brea had a great first year in kindergarten, Brooke and Baker made honor roll all year and Bailey learned to write her name this year in preschool!  I'd say it was a banner year for all!   The kids are happy to be done for a couple of months and I'm happy to get to sleep in past 5:45 am.  Of course keeping them entertained over the summer will be a challenge but I think we are all ready for some down time with nothing planned.  Come August 10th we will have a 1st grader, a 7th grader and a 9th grader.  Bailey will be in her last year of preschool and I'll be dividing my time between four schools but for now I'm going to enjoy my summer with the kids. 

Here are a few photos from the past month.  Enjoy!


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Baker with his cousin Nick from Indiana
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