A leap of faith! · September 03, 2008

On June 30th we learned that there was a little girl in China with a heart condition on Adoption Advocates International's special needs list.  She had already been matched with THREE families who for one reason or another had changed their mind for personal reasons (nothing to do with her).  We requested her file and emailed it over to Brea and Baker's cardiologist at Duke University.  After just a few minutes we got a call from them explaining her condition.  Danny and I decided when we were in China the first time adopting Brea that we would be back for another child but a lot has happened since then BUT the desire never left us and we were feeling God calling us back again now more than ever.  Was this the right time?  Was this our child?  Could we handle another heart child?  There were so many questions but after praying we decided to move forward in Faith and request to be matched with this little girl who had already lost her birth family and three adoptive families.  We called the agency that very day and requested to be matched with this special little girl. It took several weeks to fill out all the agency paperwork and to get our home study under way but on August 14th our Letter of Intent went to China and yesterday (9/2/08) we learned that our agency had received PA (Pre Approval) from China approving us to adopt again! 

We'd like to introduce you to Bailey Faith Huanying Wusterbarth!  She was born November 24, 2006 and is waiting for us in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China.  She was abandoned at the age of 7 months and spent only 10 days in the orphanage before being placed with a foster family.  Her paperwork says that she is "petite" and that she "giggles when teased by her foster family".  It also says that she is "not fond of strangers (it could be a rough transition for her and us) and that she loves toys that make noise". 

Bailey's adoption will work a little differently than Brea's did.  With Brea we did all of our paperwork and were waiting on a non special needs referral when we were matched with Brea from Bethany's special needs list.  We traveled just 3 months later to bring Brea home because everything had been done prior to being matched.  With Bailey we were matched before starting our paperchase which means we will most likely not travel until Spring of 2009 to bring her home.  That is both bad and good...bad because we want her here now and good because it will give us time to raise the money to bring her home. 

Once Bailey is home she will be seen at Duke University by Brea and Baker's cardiology team.  It is possible that they will just monitor her and it is possible that her pulmonary valve will need to be stretched open in the cath lab.  It is also possible that she may have already had the procedure in China but we will not know until we get an update (which we have requested) since the information and photos we have are more than a year old. 

I'll be adding a new file if you'd like to follow our progress to bring Bailey home.  It will be titled "Bringing Bailey Home".

We have several things that we'd like to ask you to pray about...

*That our paperchase goes smoothly and quickly.

*That the Lord will prepare Bailey to meet her new family and that He will prepare Brea to be a big sister...she is very excited right now but that could change when this all becomes a reality.

*That the Lord will protect Bailey and keep her healthy as she waits for her forever family to bring her home.

*That our fundraising efforts will be successful and

*That our family stays healthy so we can all travel together to become a family of SIX!

As always, thank you for being part of our lives through this website and for your prayers.  You'll never know how much it means to us.



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Bailey Faith at approximately 9 months of age!
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