An update on our sweet Bailey Faith! · January 10, 2009

The good news and the bad!

We requested an update on our sweet baby girl and much to our surprise...we got it!  We had asked several questions and the orphanage answered ALL of the questions.  Here are the questions and their responses.

1.  Is Huan Ying still in foster care?  YES  (We have been praying that they would keep her in foster care until we arrive.  Many times the orphanages transfer them back to the orphanage once they are matched with a family)

2.  How is Huan Ying's health?  Huan Ying is healthy and her heart condition is now considered to be minor.  She has had no illnesses and has not had to see the doctor. (Thank you God!)

3.  Is she still on the bottle?  YES.  She has a bottle for breakfast each morning.  She eats table food and can feed herself.

4.  Is she walking and talking?  YES.  She walks and talks well. (I guess we better brush up on our Chinese!)

5.  Is she potty trained?  NO

6.  Is she attending preschool at the orphanage?  NO

7.  What is her personality like.  She is a happy child.  She is extroverted and gets along well with other children.  She smiles and laughs often.  (We were told in an earlier update that she does not care for strangers so we could be in for a rough transition!)

8.  Is there anything we should know about Huan Ying?  She is excited to be getting of family of her own.  (We'll see if she still feels that way when she realizes that we are taking her away from the only life she has ever known.  )

9.  What name does she go by?  Huan Ying

10.  What is her current weight and height?  26.4 pounds and 33 inches

We didn't get any new pictures but we were thrilled to get this update.  God is truly watching over Bailey!

The bad news is that with the update we also got word from our agency that China is raising their "mandatory orphanage donation"  (don't you just love how they use those two words in the same sentence) from $3,000 to $5,100.  I hate to even think what the fees will be for international adoption by the time our kids are grown and decide to have families of their own.  Brooke has already announced that she will not be having children unless she can have twin girls with red, curly hair, otherwise she will be adopting from China. Gotta love those twelve year olds!