Happy Heart Day - 4 years and going strong! · March 31, 2011
It is hard to believe that our sweet little Brea received the gift of life four years ago today!  She is a healthy, normal little girl who lives every single day of her life to the fullest!  She loves to sing, dance, jump rope, ride her bike, swing, make crafts, watch princess and Barbie movies and to play outside with her friends and sister.  She loves noodles more than any kid I've ever met and she can eat almost as many strawberries as she can noodles!  She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and it usually has a little michief in it.  She goes to school (kindergarden) like all of her little friends, she does homework, plays on the playground and is learning to read.  She takes ballet and tap classes and the only thing that even holds a close second to those are smelling and admiring flowers and watching the vegetables growing in the garden.  She giggles wildly when she finds an earth worm and squels with delight when she spots a lizard while playing outside.  She never lets a dog pass by without asking to pet it and she would have a house full of cats if we'd (and her doctors) would let her.  She has more energy than our other three kids put together and I sometimes wonder if her near death experiences hve given her a sense of just how precious life is.  Her favorte word is "mom" and she says it at least 100+ times a day.  Sometimes it gets a little irritating and then I remember those days that she layed there on that ventilator and couldn't make a single sound and I smile and thank God for each "mom" that she says.  Yes, she is a normal little girl.  One who loves life and living.  One who has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her little fingers.  One who I can't imagne living without and I know without a doubt that she is here today because of your prayers and God's grace.  Thank you for being part of her story and for being the hands and feet of Christ in our darkest moments.  PLEASE continue to pray for her and for good health for her in the days, months and years ahead.  A heart transplant is not a is a temporary fix.  May God bless you as you have blessed us. 

Love in Christ,