No TA :0( · August 02, 2009

Our journey to bring Bailey home began in July of 2008.  The swine flu was unheard of at the time and we were sure that we would have Bailey home before the kids went back to school this Fall but that has not happened.  As with all international adoptions...this one is unpredictable.  Things happen.  The swine flu has put a monkey wrench in all China adoptions since the Chinese government has slowed down on processing the paperwork of American adoptive familes.  I can't say I blame them...they have no desire to deal with a massive outbreak of swine flu in China.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how they do process paperwork there.  We've watched families with Letter of Approval dates AFTER ours get their Travel Approvals yet we still wait (and we are not alone).  Our agency was quite sure that we would get it last week but last week came and went without word of travel approval.  Here we are at the beginning of a new week and I must is hard to be optimistic that it will come this week.  So, we will wait and wonder, keep our cell phones charged and standing by and we will wait.  As soon as we have news we will shout it from the mountaintops!  Hang in there Bailey...we are coming!