Update, March 21st*Berlin Bob is here!
It has been a very long day for Brea. She has had more lab work today than in the last five weeks. We met with the surgeon today as well as the anesthesiologist and Bob from the Berlin Company (known as Berlin Bob). They have all been great about answering our MANY questions and teaching us about the procudeure as well as the device.

I found out today that the anesthesiologist that will be caring for Brea in the OR has a daughter adopted from China. It feels good to know that someone with a personal connection to our little Brea will be in there with her.

We've been told to expect the surgery to last 6-8 hours but they will update us hourly and I will try to update you guys as I hear news. Please join us in praying for the surgeons, the OR nurses, the anesthesiologist, the techs and anyone else who will come in contact with Brea tomorrow. I know that God has Brea in the palm of His hand but we are only human and very anxious, worried, get the picture. I am so glad that I have my faith to get me through this. I wouldn't want to think about walking this path alone.

I wanted to mention to you a lady that I met in the elevator today. She noticed my purse which has the scripture "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillippians 4:13 on it. She got teary eyed and told me that her baby is in the NICU and they aren't expecting her to make it. She then told me that she thought God put her on that elevator at the same time as me today so she would see my purse and get that little reminder to draw her strength from Christ. I asked her baby's name (Maryann) and told her that I would be praying for them. As I rode the elevator to the 4th floor I prayed for little Maryann and thought of all of you who have been praying so faithfully for our little Brea over the last five weeks. In times like these when I feel so helpless as a mom it is so good to know that the one thing I CAN do for her is rally the troops to pray. Thank you friends for praying for our Brea, our family and the medical team. If you have a moment during your prayer time please remember little Maryann and all the other children and families here who are hurting tonight. The words of one of my favorite songs (For my God is with me I will fear no evil) play again and again in my mind throughout the day and night to keep me strong and focused but for some of those here in this place of so much pain, they do not know God and they do fear this evil world.

Goodnight from the CVICU here at Arkansas Children's Hospital.