Update-Monday, April 2, 2007 NO MORE CHEST TUBES · April 02, 2007

Sunday was a big day for Brea .  She decided that she no longer wanted to wear the oxygen and kept taking the little tubes out of her nose.  The nurse finally decided to get an order from the doctor to remove it since she hadn’t had it actually in her nose in hours.  She was also able to have a bottle of apple juice.  She has been offered formula but still won’t drink it.  They seem to think that she has a sore throat from all of the tubes being in there for so long.  She still has the tube in her nose that goes to her stomach but as soon as she starts drinking her formula again they will be taking it out.  I also got to hold her last night for the first time!  She snuggled right up to me and slept for a couple of hours.  My arm went to sleep but I wasn’t about to put her down until they told me I had to.




This morning they took the three chest tubes out of her chest as well as the two IV lines that were going into her sides and directly to her heart.  When they removed the chest tubes some air got into Brea ’s chest cavity so they are monitoring it carefully.  If it doesn’t resolve on its own they will need to put another tube in to get it out.  She still has two sets of pace maker wires coming out of her chest but they think they will be able to get those out in the next few days.  These were put in just in case they needed to “jumpstart” her new heart. 




For the first time since Brea got sick she has PINK LIPS!  I walked in this morning and thought that the nurse had put something on them but realized that it was because she was getting enough oxygen to make them pretty and pink again.  The doctors have told us that the steroids that she is on will change her physical appearance quite a bit.  Her little face is already getting puffy and they say the rest of her will follow suit.  I guess that means I’ll be shopping for a new wardrobe for her.  At least I can get Spring and Summer things instead of another Winter wardrobe.  Another side effect is hair growth.  They’ve told us that some kids actually get a unibrow!  We assured them that we would love her if she were Purple with Green spots and they told us that if that happens she will be Barney the dinosaur and not Brea .  :0)




Please continue to pray for a full and complete recovery.  God has answered our prayers for her heart to be healed (it looked perfect on the echocardiogram this morning) and my faith remains in Him to handle her recovery.




Goodnight from the CVICU of ACH. 

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Monday, April 2, 2007
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