Update-4/8/07-HAPPY EASTER! · April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!  Easter has always been a very special day for our family as it is for all Christians around the world but this year Easter was a little extra special.  In years past I’ve spent weeks shopping for the perfect Easter outfits for the kids, we’ve waited in line for pictures with the Easter Bunny and we’ve put more miles on our vehicles than I care to think about traveling to see family but this year none of those things happened.  There were no fancy Easter outfits, no pictures with the bunny and no trips cross country to visit family but this was the most precious Easter of all for our family of FIVE!  We were all together today for a few hours.  The kids were in jeans and t-shirts, Easter dinner will be something from the cafeteria (if it is even open), a wagon ride replaced the traditional egg hunt and even though the Easter bunny left the kids a treat at the hospital, there were no baskets overflowing with goodies like years past. Of course we missed Easter services but the words “Where two or more are gathered…” rang clear in my mind.  We’ll read the Easter story tonight before bed (thank you Rose Mary) and we’ll never forget how truly special this Easter was.  Yes, this year everything was simple…simply beautiful!




Brea continues to get stronger every single day.  She is battling withdrawal symptoms because she was on such heavy narcotics for so long but Methadone seems to help a bit.  She is also experiencing the ugly side effects of steroids (mood swings, uncontrollable crying, insomnia, etc.) but we’ve been told that they will decrease over time as her doses get smaller.  Her smile is as beautiful as ever and her laughter sounds like music to our ears.  She loves to visit the playroom, ride in the wagon while waving at her fan club (the nurses who’ve cared for her) and doing peg puzzles in her bed.  We have high hopes to be at the Ronald McDonald House by Friday of this week. 




GREAT NEWS FROM JALISA’S FAMILY!  Jalisa is responding to her mother’s voice!  Her mom was singing Jalisa’s favorite Sunday school songs and Jalisa responded with her eyes!  The most recent MRI shows there is an increase in brain waves and there is some change in her pupils today!  God is still in the business of miracles and as I’ve told every doctor and nurse here…my God is so much bigger than science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you God for hearing our prayers for Jalisa and her family. 




I’ve also asked you to pray for baby Tanner so I wanted to update you on his condition.  There is still no change in his kidney function but his heart seems a little stronger.  They have moved him from an infant warmer bed to a regular hospital bed so his mommy can get closer to him and “hold” him.  This was her first time “holding” him and as she told me about it, I could see the tears that she was trying to hold back.  Please continue to pray for God’s healing touch for Tanner and his family.   




Today the hospital chaplain came by to see us.  He gave the kids a sticker with Humpty Dumpty on it and told them a little rhyme that I thought you might enjoy.  It goes something like this…Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again but along came a ACH doctor with some super glue and now Humpty is as good as new! 




I want you to know what a blessing to me your messages in our guest book have been.  I started our website almost three years ago to document and journal our adoption experience.  I never dreamed that I would use it for something like this but it has been an effective way to keep our family and friends updated on Brea ’s condition without having to make a ton of calls which can be difficult since cell phones are not allowed on the fourth floor due to the pacemakers, ventilators and other medical equipment. Sometimes I don’t get to read the guestbook entries each day but I do catch up when time permits and I’m always astounded at the messages from people who say that I am inspiring them when it is really you, the readers, who have inspired me.  Your words of encouragement and your ability to love a little girl that you’ve never met are overwhelming.  I feel truly blessed to have the internet as a tool to reach out to the rest of the world at a time like this.  I welcome you to read the entries if you’d like.  It is nice to know that there are truly good people left in this world. 




Many times during our adoption I thought that God was trying to teach me a lesson about patience.  We started the process in November 2004 and our dossier didn’t go to until August 2005.  It seemed that we were the Murphy’s Law of adoption.  Everything that could go wrong during the paper chase did and what should have taken 12 months from start to finish took 23 months. Twenty Three months for a person who very much likes to be in control seemed like forever.  There were times when I felt so helpless and there were times when I wondered if there really would be a baby at the end of the incredibly long wait.  Now those 23 months are a distant memory.  Holding Brea for the first time was worth every minute of everyday of every month that we waited.  The last seven weeks have made the twenty three months that we waited to bring Brea home seem like a cake walk.  Wondering for one day if your child is going to live or die seems like an eternity. Would I choose to wait 23 months to adopt again?  NO!  I’m only human and as humans we tend to want what we want when we want it.  Would I have an easier time accepting God’s will and His timing for our lives?  YES!  I’ve witnessed first hand how perfect His timing is and how perfect His plan is for our lives is.  So, when you’re in a situation where things are totally out of your control (like adoption or illness), place your trust in God and in His timing.  It is always perfect!




Hug your children today and let them have that extra piece of chocolate.  Life is short and it can change in the blink of an eye.  Besides, they are only little once.




Mary W. (who is going to introduce Brea to chocolate when she wakes up from her nap)J

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