One year check up and lots of new photos! · April 03, 2008

Today Brea had her one year post transplant check up at Duke.  She had an echo, an EKG, some chest x-rays, blood work and an exam.  It started off a little rough...she is not fond of having her tempature taken, being measured and having her BP taken.  She does fine with the echos, EKG and x-rays...which seems totally backwards to me!  She has grown quite a bit...she will be 34 months this week and she is 34 inches tall and now weighs 25 pounds and 2 ounces!  She is still considered small for her age but the doctors are not worried about her size.

As for her is doing great!  Her tests all came back with good reports and Dr. Carboni was pleased with how much she has grown and how well she is talking.  They didn't change any of her medications and they scheduled us to come back in July for another check up.  She will have another heart biopsy in October.  As for our trip to Little Rock...Duke doesn't seem to think we need to go.  They feel it would be subjecting Brea to duplicate tests that they have already done here and the trip would be a very long one.  They are going to send all of the most recent results to Little Rock for the doctors there to review but as for now we are staying put!

Today as we were leaving Duke there was one scripture that kept running through my mind.    "The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad." (Psalm 126:3)   We feel truly blessed and all the glory belongs to God! 

Here are a few pictures from last week and this week.  As you can see, Brea enjoyed her heart cake and her first trip to the children's museum here in Raleigh.  She is also enjoying all the wonderful gifts of Spring and having her big sister and brother home for a few weeks while they are tracked out (they go to year round school).  There are a couple of photos from Brooke's ballet class.  It was parents night and the dads joined in the fun at the ballet bar with the girls.  Enjoy the photos!


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