Happy Birthday Baker, Ballet, Earaches and rain! · August 27, 2008

We celebrated Baker's 9th birthday last night here at home.  We will have his party this weekend in Charlotte with family.  It is hard to believe that he is already nine!  It seems like yesterday that I held my precious baby boy as he slept.  He was so long and thin when he was born and he had a head full of beautiful red hair (some things haven't changed).  He got a rough start in life and within months of coming home from the hospital he was back and spent several weeks in critical condition in Winchester before being transferred to the University of Virginia where his heart condition was diagnosed and he received the life saving IVIG treatment.  His heart is still a concern since the long term effects of his condition are unknown but we see the cardiologist regularly.  He is a great student, an avid reader, a real slugger on the baseball field (Go Rockhounds!) and a wonderful brother to his sisters.  We couldn't ask for a better son.  Happy Birthday baby boy...we love you!

I'm also including some new photos of Brea.  She will start ballet lessons next week and she has been working hard with her big sister to learn some of the basic positions.  It is hard to believe that we have a little one starting dance lessons and one entering her 9th year in dance!  Wow, where does the time go?

Last weekend while the boys were at baseball practice we girls hung out on the deck.  While mommy cooked dinner on the grill Brooke kept Brea busy in the baby pool on the deck.  You'll see from the pictures that one of her favorite things is to have water poured over her head (as long as you are not trying to wash her hair).  She loves it!

It is raining out and we are stuck here in the house today.  Brea has her fourth ear infection this year and a sinus infection.  It takes her a lot longer to get over things than it would a child with a normal immune system so we could be dealing with this for the long haul.  We go back to the doctor in two weeks for a follow up visit and we are hoping to get a referral to an ENT since we now have clearance from the transplant team to get ear tubes if needed.  Please pray that she will bounce back quickly.  Her ears are really hurting and even the doorbell ringing makes her cry!

Enjoy the photos!

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Baker opening his Wii crossbow!
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