Update - Tuesday, February 20th (11:26 PM) · February 20, 2007

Baby Steps in the right direction!

It is Tuesday evening and I am sitting at Brea's bedside watching her as she sleeps peacefully.  The doctor was just in and explained that today her body eliminated more fluid than it took in.  Some mucas extracted from her lungs through her ventilator tube was tested today to see if it had bacteria in it.  The test results were negative!  Her blood gas tests today were also good and she has maintained a good blood pressure and heart rate all afternoon and evening.  This was great news and at this point we are celebrating every little baby step! 

She is now on two heart medications to help the heart pump more effectively, three sedatives to keep her still and quiet, one medicine to help her body eliminate fluids, one medicine to keep her little tummy happy, various supplements to maintain a good PH balance and some pain medicine that also helps keep her sedated.  They tried to discontinue one of her heart medicines today but her blood pressure dropped too low and it had to be restarted. The GREAT news is that she is tolerating her feeds and she has not coded or needed CPR in more than 24 hours! 

When we asked about her prognosis he hesitated and then explained that with pediatric heart patients things can go from good to bad in the blink of an eye and every patient is different.  Right now the plan is to let Brea's little heart rest and try to regain function.  If her condition does not improve they can biopsy the heart and run tests.  If the test proves to be Myocarditis (which is what they think it is) and she has not improved in a week or 10 days we would need to discuss placing her on the transplant list.  I have faith that she will improve day by day and will not need a transplant.

Brea is now receiving blood to replace the MANY blood samples that have been taken for the various tests. She has also received IVIG which is a blood product and will receive another one in the morning.  This is the same treatment that saved Baker's life seven years ago.  Now more than ever I realize the value of blood donors and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

We invite you to read the messages that have been left in our guestbook.  They are uplifting, encouraging and very special to us and we thank each and every person who has taken the time to leave a message.  It is evident from your words that you believe in the power of prayer just as we do.  Miracle do still happen today just as they did in Biblical times and God does hear our prayers.

I'll update again when I have more information and when time allows.  Please continue to pray for the team of doctors, nurses and therapists taking care of our little peanut princess and for her as well.