Update-March 2nd-Extabating!
The doctor has been in this morning and the news is good! They are going to try to extabate Brea around 2:00 PM Central time. This means her ventilator tube will come out of her throat and she should be able to breathe on her own (boy have I learned a lot in two weeks! Wink ). Please be in prayer for her as this is happening. This would be a big step in the right direction if she is able to handle it. It would mean her lungs would get used to doing the work again and she would be stronger for the surgery if a heart becomes available. It could also mean that her little heart is regaining some function if it is able to do all the work for the lungs and the heart.

They started tapering off her sedatives this morning and she will soon go on Methadone for withdrawls from all the narcotics that she has been on. From what I understand this is a common practice since withdrawls can be really bad. There is something so strange about using the words withdrawls, Methadone and baby in the same paragraph. Sad

I have to admit that I didn't sleep a wink last night. I was so afraid the beeper would go off and I wouldn't hear it. We also had a nurse last night from the NICU and her sense of urgency wasn't quite what I would have expected it to be so I had a hard time even stepping out of the room and leaving Brea alone with her. Don't worry, I've already talked with the charge nurse and asked that we not be assigned that nurse again. I'm sure she is a fine nurse but I need some sense of comfort with the person caring for my baby and my mommy gut was just telling me that she wasn't a good match for us.

Danny and the kids are making the drive up from Louisiana today and should get here around 4:00. I am praying that Brooke and Baker will be able to see their little sister without the ventilator and I'm praying that we will be able to hold her again at some point today. I remember thinking when we were waiting to travel that I might never put her down when I finally got my hands on her and here I am having those same feelings again. It is going to feel like a million Christmas mornings when I do finally feel her little body in my arms again.

I'll update again this agternoon to let you guys know how everything goes (if all goes well I might have Danny update for me since I'll be busy holding my baby although I know at some point he will make me give him a turn Smile ).