Update-March 10th-Tolerating Captopril!
Today has been a stressful yet good day. The doctors decided that they wanted to increase Brea's dosage of blood pressure medicine. It is called Captopril and if you recall, she didn't do well on it last Sunday and required quite a bit of support until the drug was out of her system. Well, they gave it around 2:00 pm today and she has tolerated it well! They were afraid her blood pressure would drop again but it has remained stable. Thank you Lord!

Brea is still having tummy troubles and she now has two small bed sores on her right ear because they were having to keep her on her right side to help her left lung recover. They have put a little gel pillow under her ear to get the pressure off and she looks so much more comfortable.

Danny really got upset that I wanted to take pictures of Brea but when I explained to him that one day she would want to see them and use them to explain her journey to her little friends he understood. I hope no one felt they were inappropriate. They are hard to look at but to me she is still as beautiful as ever even with all her plastic tubes and wires.

Please continue to pray for Brea and our family as we wait. Specifically for increased heart function on her echocardiogram on Monday. I thought that God had taught me about patience and His timing during the adoption but this experience has taken those lessons to an all new level. I do find comfort in knowing that all things are in His timing and His timing is always perfect.

As always, your prayers are so appreciated. I believe with all my heart that our prayers collectively are what is going to bring Brea through this and back home to her family.

Good night from Little Rock.