Update-Saturday (3/24) Thank God for a Dirty Diaper!
I never thought I'd be thanking God for a BM but I am! Brea had her first dirty diaper this morning which means that her little body is waking up from the surgery and her tummy and bowels are working again. They will start giving her slow feeds through her tube sometime today.

Her kidneys are also working great! One number that they look at to measure kidney function is the BUN (I have no idea what it stands for) and before the Berlin it was in the upper 30s but now it is 11 which is exactly where they want it to be. It is a good indicator that the kidneys are getting plenty of blood and they are functioning.

Dr. Moss says she is looking great. They are discontinuing some of the antibiotics that she is getting as a preventative measure and continuing the one for the infection in her ventilator tube. They will be turning her ventalator settings down more today to try to ween her from it. She suspects that her chest tubes might be removed tomorrow.

I have been so touched by the outpouring of love for our family and this child. Last night as I read the Bethany forum (our adoption agency website)  and saw all the posts about folks writing to Oprah Winfrey, I began to cry. We knew we loved Brea long before we ever saw her picture for the first time but to know that there are so many others who love her is overwhelming. God may have chosen us to parent Brea but I feel she belongs to so many and she is so blessed to be loved by so many. She is a special little girl and we keep telling the nurses and doctors here that when she is awake enough fo rthem to get to know her personality they are all going to fall in love with her. We are especially touched by the messages from those who requested to be matched with Brea who continue to pray for her. I hope she will forever be in your heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

KEEP PRAYING...I believe in the power of prayer and my trust is in Him!