Update-BREA IS A NEW BABY! 4/1/07
The nurses exact words this morning were "Brea is a new baby!". She is doing GREAT! They have already taken her off of the ventilator and they have taken her foley cathater out. She is quite uncomfortable and is crying when she coughs but she had a really restful night and is bright eyed and blowing kisses this morning. She has already started on her anti-rejection medications but most of the other drugs (except pain meds) are gone! The doctor seems to think that she will be here for 10-14 more days and then if all is well she will be released to the Ronald McDonald House where we can stay for up to 30 days but we will have to be in Little Rock for 3-6 months for follow up care several times per week.

Last night I slept in a real bed for the first time in 6 and a half weeks. We finally got a room at the Ronald McDonald house. It is a small room with two twin beds but it felt like paradise after sleeping in the waiting room for so long on a chair bed. The RMH is right across the street from the hospital and Brea's doctors and nurses practically forced us to go and get a good nights sleep. We called NUMEROUS times and they gave us updates and the nurse even called me at 6:15 this morning before shift change to tell me that they had extabated Brea and she was doing great! We couldn't ask for better doctors and nurses than we have here at ACH.

We really need your prayers for Brea's insurance situation. We have yet again been dinied Medicaid for her so when we are discharged from the hospital we will have no coverage at all for her or her medications. We are being told that she will be on 10-12 RX drugs and the total cost per month will be $2,000-$3,000. Since we are not residents of AR we do not qualify for Tefra and LA does not have TEFRA. LA has a program called LaChip but you cannot make more than $39,900 to participate in that program. I have faith that God will provide for all our needs but I am human and it sure would take a lot of stress off if I knew how that was going to happen. Please pray specifically for His answer to become clear to us in the coming days.

I'd also like to ask you to continue to pray for the donor's family. They must be in so much pain right now and my heart is heavy for them. They truly are special people and we love them dearly for the gift that they have given Brea. Maybe someday I will get the opportunity to tell them in person just how much they helped our little peanut but for now all I can do is keep them in my prayers.

I am going to try to post a picture later of Brea. I'm hoping to get one of her with a big smile on her face!

Have a great day!