Update (Sat. 4/14) MY KLUV KID! · April 14, 2007
Today we went for a ride in the car just to get out of the little room at the Ronald McDonald House. As soon as we got in the car the song "Beautiful One" came on and Brea started to sing. Now keep in mind...her singing goes something like this...Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh...but it was music to our ears. But what really brought tears to our eyes was when we turned around and saw her with her arms in the air just like she does at church at home. She was praising God!!!!! I'm including a photo because I think it says so much more than anything I could ever say. I am so thankful for KLUV and the music that they play everyday. I just can't wait to be back home with all three of my kids in car singing "Big House". Boy, will that be a beautiful day!

I've had a few emails from people asking what Brea is allowed to do now that she is out of the hospital and the short answer is...NOT MUCH! She is not allowed to go to public places and even here at the RMH she wears the mask to keep from picking up germs from others except for when she is in our room. She can go outside without her little mask but if there are people around she has to put it on. It is so scary to think that something simple like the sniffles could cause her to reject her new heart and could put her in a life threatening situation. Thankfully life will not be like this forever. The first 6 months are the worst and the most likely time when she might have a rejection episode. It is going to be a nightmare trying to keep Brooke and Baker out of her face. They have always been pretty good about washing their hands but now it is going to be life threatening if they don't.

I've also had a couple of emails from people asking for our address now that we are out of the hospital. I think it would be best to send cards and letters to our home and Danny can bring them up on he weekends when he comes. The address is The Wusterbarth Family, 36341 Cypress Glen Ave., Prairieville, LA 70769.

I've also had emails from folks asking for our paypal address and it is I'm sorry that I cannot return your emails. I am still using the wireless internet from the hospital (since the RMH is just across the street) and their firewall blocks me from sending out emails but I can receive them.

Life is going to take on lots and lots of changes once we are home. The transplant team instructed us to keep lots and lots of hand sanitizer sitting around, wash our hands constantly, limit visitors, remove shoes at the door to keep from bringing germs in and kick our kitty out of the house since cats are deadly for transplant patients. Needless to say, Danny put the kitty out weeks ago and he is getting use to the idea of being an outdoor kitty but Danny says he is protesting loudly at the back door. We won't be able to have birds or reptiles as pets since they both carry diseases that could kill Brea but thankfully, we have never been big snake fans! Wink Before Brea can go back home we will have to have the house sanitized to get rid of any traces of kitty that might be there. It sounds like Danny is going to be a busy fella getting things ready for Brea's homecoming...hopefully very soon!

I'm signing off now to go watch Dora the Cowgirl with my little China doll who is suffering from Insomnia from all the steroids she is on. Oh well, that Insomnia is giving us a chance to make up for some lost time. Smile

Goodnight from the RMH in LR, AR.
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