Brooke's Dance Recital - May 20, 2006 · May 22, 2006

Brooke danced in her 6th dance recital over the weekend.  It was so amazing to watch the little tiny girls dance and then watch Brooke and see how far she has come in 6 years of dance lessons.  They were GREAT!  Here are a few pictures of our Dancing Queen.

I'm also including a picture of Baker at the dress rehearsal.  He was sitting in the audience watching and waiting (not so patiently) on Brooke to finish and this little girl would not leave him alone.  I asked him if he knew her and he said "no, but I've seen her in the hall at school before".  By the smile on his face, I don't think he minded being bothered.  :) 

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Our Dancing Queen dressed for her tap routine to "Sugar Baby Bounce"
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