We have been blessed! · November 17, 2005

We have been blessed with two beautiful children.  Brooke is now 9 and active in Girl Scouts, dance and Choi Kwang Do.  Baker is 7 and active in Cub Scouts, football and Choi Kwang Do.  They are growing up too fast!

 Click on the slideshow button to see recent pictures of Brooke and Baker. 

Baker in his Tiger Cub Scout uniform 9/2005
Brooke dressed and ready for trick or treating! 10/31/2005
Baker cleaning out his pumpkin.
The finished product!
Brooke "digging" in for some Halloween fun.
Brooke's dance recital - May 2005
Baker's 1st day of 1st grade - August 8, 2005
Brooke's first day of 3rd grade - August 8, 2005
Brooke's 9th birthday party
Brooke and Baker at Thanksgiving - 2005
Brooke dressed as a kitty for the school Christmas play. 12/8/05
Behold, children are a gift of the Lord...Psalm 127:3