Back to school photos...FINALLY! · September 13, 2010
Sorry for the delay in getting these photos posted.  I was having some computer problems but I think I've gotten the bugs worked out now.  Enjoy the photos! 
Baker on the first day of 6th grade!
Brooke and Baker...ready for a new school year!
Brooke on the first day of 8th grade!
And off they go!
Yes, we are the home of TWO Prairieville Panthers!
Brea on her fist day of kindergarten!
Is she wearing the backpack or is the backpack wearing her?
She was ready to go. Me, not so much. :0(
Her teachers met her at the curb and walked her in. Where oh where have the years gone? I can't believe she is in kindergarten!
Brooke could hardly wait to hear about Brea's first day. Seriously, you would have thought that the two of them hadn't seen each other in months. I'm so blessed that they love each other that much!
My three school kiddos! Bailey was napping or she would have been in the photo too!
Sissy kisses!
My big 6th grader!
Thumbs up for the first day of school!
Bailey on her first day of three year old preschool with her teacher Mrs. Mary. She was less than thrilled to be there!
Bailey by her classroom door. She was chatting and excited in the car on the way TO preschool but when we got there she was as quiet as a mouse!
Mrs. Mary TRIED to get Bailey to find her name in the basket but Bailey wanted no part of Mrs. Mary's game.
This is the reaction I got when I told her I was leaving! No tears, no hugs, no kisses and no "I love you". Nope, she was MAD and wanted me to know it! I waited in the hall to make sure she was going to be ok and within minutes she was playing and having a blast! Her teacher said she is a strong willed little one. Tell me something I don't know!