Winterpast Farm, the park and Easter · April 13, 2009

The big kids are still on break from year round school and Brea's preschool was closed last week for spring break so I've been busy trying to keep them entertained!  Last week we had beautiful weather so we spent some time at the park with friends.  Brea has finally learned to pump her legs on the swings to make herself go!  She is so proud of herself. 

On Friday we visited Winterpast Farm with our OAKS playgroup.  We quickly discovered that Brea is a city slicker!  She wanted nothing to do with the two day old baby chicks and she did not find it funny when the baby ducks chased after her!  She did relax a bit when we went into the pasture to visit the lamas, sheep, goats and ponies.  I guess you could say she is not a big fan of creatures without fur!  Brooke and Baker were in Heaven!  They LOVE animals of all kinds!  They held and cuddled the baby chicks and ducks and Baker became fast friends with a mut named Fudge.  Brooke is always a hit with all the little ones when she attends playgroup and several times she had a group of little ones gathered around her checking out whatever it was that she was willing to hold and explain to them...pinecones, emu feathers, chicks, ducks, etc.  She is a true nature lover and I truly believe she would live her life on a farm in a t-shirt and jeans surrounded by creatures of all kinds if she had the chance!  She absolutely loves it!!!

Friday night we had prepared dinner for the homeless that our church was hosting last week.  I watched with pride as my children interacted and played with the kids who were staying at the church with their families.  I wish all of the world could be more like children...they are color blind, could care less about name brands and haven't a clue of each other economic status.  After dinner we attended the Good Friday Tenebra service.  This was the first year that Baker and Brooke have sat silently in the dark sanctuary without uttering a word.  We talked at length on the way home of the meaning of the darkness and I was pleasantly surprised at how Baker understood.  I guess he has been listening in Sunday School all these years!

Easter Sunday we woke to a beautiful blue sky and after the kids checked out their goodies we had breakfast and headed off to church.  The sanctuary was packed...more so than usual and extra seats had been set up in the back of the church as well as along the outer walls, in the aisles and the narthex.  Danny and I subbed for the first grade Sunday school class at 11:15 and boy did we have our hands full!  After church we attended the Easter egg hunt up the street and then joined some other neighbors for a wonderful Easter dinner.  Thank you Rose and Ish for a lovely guys are wonderful cooks!  The kids played outside and wore themselves out and by night fall they were all fast asleep!  I hope your Easter was blessed with beautiful weather, friends, family and the assurance that He RISEN INDEED! 

Enjoy the photos!

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Brea swinging at the park like a big girl!
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