Ducks, Cheers, Tengwang and the park · August 27, 2009

We started the day with a visit to the Tengwang Pavillion.  It was built in 653 AD for Prince Teng.  It was absolutely breath taking.  The ceilings were porcelain tiles and the bonsai garden was beautifully manicured.  We would have stayed longer but it was SO HOT and humid and we were all drenched after just an hour or so.  We thought we'd find some respite in the porcelain shops across the street but like most shops here in Nanchang, they were not airconditioned!

This evening we ventured out to the Peoples Park.  We Americans could take a lesson or two from the Chinese on how to build parks.  This park was beautiful and young and old were there enjoying all that it had to offer.  It reminded me of our favorite park in Raleigh...Pullen Park.

We are finding it very easy to get around in Nanchang without a guide.  Thanks to the little bits of Mandarin that we know and our quest for adventure we've been able to find and explore many of the sights in Nanchang.

Two quick funny stories to share with you...

Yesterday we were headed out and the bell boy hailed a cab for us and one for  the other couple that we are traveling with.  When the second one arrived the driver told the bell boy that he couldn't take anyone anywhere.  Soon afterwards he changed him mind, grabbed the two LIVE ducks from the passenger seat and threw them in the trunk.  He wasn't worried about the ducks so I guess their destiny was the dinner table and not to be pampered pets.  I'm so glad that he wasn't our driver.  I'm afraid I would have had something to say to him and it wouldn't have been very nice.  Had Brooke been here she would have grabbed the poor ducks and made a run for it to get them to safety.  She has such a heart for animals.

The other night we toasted at dinner and our bright, observant daughter Bailey saw us.  Since then she wants to do "cheers" whenever possible.  Too funny!

Bailey is already saying a few words in Engligh!  I don't think it will be long to catch her up on anything.  She seems developmentally fine to me but I am not a doctor so we will see what they have to say when we get home.

Well, better run for now.  Danny and Bailey are both sleeping and I should be to!

Enjoy todays photos!


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Tengwang Pavillion - First built in 653 AD
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