October 25th and 26th · October 27, 2006

A night in Newark and America's newest citizen!

We left our hotel in Guangzhou at 6:00 am on the 25th (5:00 pm on the 24th in Louisiana) and flew from Guangzhou to Beijing.  Our flight from Beijing was LONG but uneventful.  We had the pleasure of meeting an American couple who live in Beijing who were going home to meet their newest grandchild.  We enjoyed talking with them and learning more about life in China and it certainly helped pass the time.  Continental Airlines provided Brea with a bassinet that attached to the wall in the bulk head aisle and she had several long naps where she was able to stretch out and rest comfortabley.  None of the flight attendants or passengers could believe she was 16 months old.  We had lots of folks stop by our aisle to admire her and ask questions about adoption and China's orphans in general.  Who knows...maybe God led us to grow our family through adoption so we might plant the seed in someone elses heart to look into adoption as an option to creating a family of their own.

We arrived in Newark, NJ and had just one hour to clear customs and immigration and reach our connecting flight.  Our little peanut became an American citizen when she deplaned in Newark and passed through immigration!  When we got to the gate we learned that the flight was oversold and the plane was delayed.  After a long wait in the terminal the airline offered to put us up for the evening at the Sheraton and we took them up on it!  We ended up spending the night in Newark and flying home on the 7:05 a.m. flight on the 26th.  We arrived in New Orleans around 10:00 a.m. and were so happy to see the kids and Tina and Scott (Mary's sister and her husband) waiting for us.  The one hour drive home was full of questions from Brooke and Baker about China and their new baby sister.  They both adore her and can't do enough for her.  Brea instantly liked Brooke but was scared of Baker's red hair!  She also let us know how she felt about our Pomeranians! 

We are so thankful that Tina and Scott were still here because Danny and I were so tired and jet lagged and could barely function.  Danny went into the office for the afternoon and the kids spent some time getting to know their baby sister.  Tina made dinner for us and I can honestly say that sloppy joes have never tasted so good! 

Here are a few pictures from the flight and the trip home.  Enjoy.

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