Meeting my church family-October 29th · November 01, 2006

Meeting my church family!

Sunday was a spcial day for Brea.  We introduced her to her church family.  There have been so many people praying for this precious child and it was so nice to be able to be there and worship together.  During announcements Dana officially introduced Brea to the congregation and then our pastor mentioned her again during the service.  It seems she and daddy were playing and being a little distractful to him.  :)  I never thought I'd have to get onto my husband in the sanctuary but then again I guess that is why I love him. 

One thing that I will never forget was the feeling I had as I walked towards the sanctuary holding our precious Chinese princess.  The service had already started because I had been in the kids classes so they could introduce their baby sister to their friends and I could hear the beautiful music that the band was playing but the chills that went through me were caused by a few simplye paperback Bibles on the table outside the door that are available for visitors or anyone who needs a Bibl.  While we were in China I met a shop keeper that I had heard about who is a Christian.  He was explaining to me what a challenge it is to get a Bible in China.  The Chinese government does not allow them to be printed in Chinese or to be sold in any other language.  He collects them from tourist but in order to get it to him it had to be wrapped in newspaper and carefully delivered so he would not be punished and here I was walking past a small stack of Bibles that he would risk his own freedom to get for his church.  My eyes filled with tears at the thought that Brea will never have his fear of being caught with a Bible.  She is being raised in a home and country that embraces Christianity and celebrates God's love.  I'll never forget this man or his story.  We can give our children all the finest material things that money can buy but isn't it wonderful to be FREE to give them the word of God?

By the way...Brooke and Baker are wearing their RiverKidsStuf t-shirts to church because they were making a video.  I didn't want you to think that Brea gets smocked dresses for church and they are stuck with t-shirts and jeans (although they wouldn't mind).  :0)

Enjoy the photos. 

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Brooke, Baker and Brea at church 10/29/06
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