Brea's 4th Birthday!!! · June 08, 2009

Our little princess turned 4 on Friday, June 5th!  We have a tradition in our family that when it is your birthday you get to pick what you want for dinner.  Brea chose Lo Mein for her birthday dinner and since I'm not a Chinese cook we ordered out.  After dinner a couple of neighbors came over and we celebrated her special day with a cake and ice cream.

Saturday we celebrated with Brea's preschool classmates, a friend from her dance class and her best friend Walker at Build A Bear Workshop.  The kids each picked a teddy bear, stuffed it, fluffed it and added pretty bows to the ears.  Afterwards we headed off to the food court for hotdogs, chips, cupcakes and ice cream.  I think everyone had a wonderful time. 

It is so hard to believe that she is already four!  It seems like just yesterday that we were holding her for the first time in China.  Now we get to hold her only when she is sleepy.  She is far to busy for that...afterall, there are My Little Ponies to play with and costumes to dress up in.  Enjoy the photos of our birthday girl!



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Brea's birthday celebration at home.
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