2ND Update - February 22nd
Have you ever wondered if God is testing you to see just how much you can handle? Today has been one of those days.

Brea is still in Little Rock in Cardio ICU and this afternoon we got a call from Danny's sister (who is taking care of Brooke and Baker) with news that she had to pick Brooke up from school. She took her to the doctor thinking that she has a bladder or kidney infection and they admitted her. They think she will need her appendix (sp?) out. We are waiting on test results and then we will know if they are taking her to surgery.

Please be in prayer for both of my girls that their little bodies will be healed. Please pray for strength for me and Danny as we are worried about Brooke and cannot be there (we are 8 hours away and Brea is too critical to leave). This has been a long, long week and though my faith is stronger than ever, I am exhausted both mentally and physically.

I'll update as soon as I know something.