Update-March 8th-Increased LUNG Function!
I just know that God is sitting back and having a good laugh at these doctors! This morning the doctor came in and said he was VERY SURPRISED to see incresed lung function in Brea's left lung. It is no longer collapsed!!!!! There is a small section behind the heart that isn't fully inflated but for the most part the lung is working and doing great!

I asked for clarification on the ejection fraction and was told that actually they are measuring the shortening fraction and normal would be 30 (normal ejection froction would be 60). If you recall when Brea got to ACH hers was a 7 and as of Tuesday it was a 15.8!!!!! Again, I think God is getting a laugh out of these doctors. They can't explain it but I can! Wink Her shortening fraction would need to be a 20-25 before they would consider moving her down on the transplant list and they say that it is unlikely but I know that all things are possible with God!

I've come to the conclusion that the doctors always tell you the worst case scenario and they don't like to encourage families when they know that the child is so seriously ill BUT I never let them leave this room without me telling them about my HOPE and my prayers for Brea. As I've said is one thing but God is another!

God's word tells us to ask for what we need so I'd like to ask you to continue to pray for Brea and specifically for her heart function to increase day by day. I want these doctors to be blown away at what they see when they do her next echocardiogram. I want them to go home telling their families, friends and neighbors that they have witnessed a miracle! I just know that this ordeal is going to be used to glorify Him!

Yesterday I had a visitor (a fellow China mom) who stopped by the hospital to visit and drop off a basket of snacks. Inside that basket there was a beautiful picture colored by her daughter Corina (10 yrs old and adopted from China). The picture was of a heart and inside that heart was the following scripture: ...and he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there shall no longer be any deaths, any mourning or crying or pain. Revalations 21:44. I brought the picture into Brea's room and hung it up for all to see. In this place where tears and pain are so common it is nice to hear God's reminder that it won't always be that way. Thank you Corina from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for all the emails about Tefra. The social worker here at the hospital is looking into it for us. From what we understand so far we would need to live here in Arkansas to get it. Tefra doesn't exist in Louisiana. The program there is called LA Chip and we do not qualify since we make more than $39K per year even under the circumstances. Shocked I'm not giving up hope on there being some kind of program out there for Brea to cover her medicines after we are home and her medical bills after we've exhausted our insurance. The hospital social worker is also doing research too. God has always provided for us and this will be no exception.

May your day be blessed just as ours has been with the news of Brea's lung.