Update-Monday 3/19 A SMALLER HEART!
An echocardiogram was done this morning and we finally got the results this evening. Brea's heart is a LITTLE smaller (left ventrical) even though the function is still very comprimised. Todays blood work shows that her kidneys could be in trouble but this could be due to the larger dose of Captopril (BP Med) so they have cut it back and will repeat the blood work in the morning. If the blood work shows that cutting back on the BP medicine helped the surgical team will meet with the transplant team and the cardiologist to discuss IF the Berlin heart should be attempted on Wednesday when it arrives. At this point they are thinking that her heart could hold out long enough to wait for a donor heart. We asked what the chances of her heart recovering are and were told that the chances are slim to none BUT we know that God is still in the business of miracles!

Speaking of miracles...this morning I met a nurse here at ACH that I've heard others talking about. Her name is Ms. Shirley and everyone calls her the singing nurse. She works in the unit across from the CVICU where Brea is so she knows nothing about Brea's condition. She told me she wanted to sing for me and she made up a song about our baby getting a miracle and us being blessed this week! Danny and I both had huge smiles on our faces because we have both felt all weekend that this is going to be the week that our pager finally goes off! I believe that God used Ms. Shirley to send us a message to hang in there.

One thing that I've come to know all to well since being here at ACH is the sound of the helicopter landing on the roof which happens to be just above Brea's room here in the CVICU. As fascinating as the helicopter is, it is always a reminder that another family is starting their journey with their child just as we did five weeks ago. For some the journey might lead them here to the heart center and for some the journey might lead them to the burn center, the PICU, the NICU or to the OR but for all of them they will be forever changed. I just hope that as those families come to this place to start their journey they come armed with their faith.

I thought you might also like to know that the little girl who received the heart transplant yesterday is doing great. They hope to have her off the ventilator tonight. Her mom and dad are still all smiles and rightfully so. I hope and pray that the donor family that gave little Arianna a second chance at life has some sense of peace about their decision. Please remember them in your prayers.

I think that this is going to be the week that Brea begins down the road to recovery! Please join me in praying for the perfect heart to be matched with Brea, for the donor's family and for the staff here at ACH that is caring for Brea.

Goodnight from Room 2 in the CVICU here at ACH.