Transplant Day - Update #1 6:01 AM
It is 6:01 am central time on Saturday, March 31st. Brea was just taken to the operating room to receive her new heart!

The transport team came in around 4:00 am and said they were heading out. The heart should arrive here around 8:00 am. Once the surgeon calls and says they are on their way back, the surgeon here will open her chest and put her on the heart/lung bypass machine. That should be about 7:00 am. We've been told that the surgery would last until 1:00 pm or so. They will also be looking for the source of bleeding while they are in there. She continued to bleed throughout the night and during the last hour before going to the OR she bled 40 ccs from her chest tube.

It still has not sunk in yet that we are actually going to be starting our road to recovery today. Yesterday I ran into little Arianna and her mom that I've talked about. Arianna received her new heart two weeks ago this Sunday and she was released yesterday to go live at the Ronald McDonald House for the next 30 days. She looks great and I am praying that Brea will do equally as well as Arianna has done.

I will update as I get news from the OR. Please pray specifically for the medical team, the transport team, the donor's family and for our sweet little Brea. I thought the 23 months that it took to adopt her were the longest months of my life but the last 6 weeks have seemed twice as long as those 23 months did. Thank you God for this precious gift! Your timing is always perfect!