A great check up and an uneventful trip home!

Brea and I are home from Little Rock.  We made it home last night around 9:00pm.  The ride home was rather pleasant thanks to "Dora the Explorer", a few dozen Goldfish and some Cheerios.  800 miles in two days makes for an exhausted mommy but it is still better than having to stay in Little Rock.

Brea had a great check up!  Her X-ray, echo, lab work and EKG were all good news.  They did increase her dosage of blood pressure medicine but they said it is normal for heart transplant patients to have blood pressure issues.  We will see our cardiologist here in Baton Rouge next week and we will head back to Little Rock on the 16th.  She will have another heart biopsy the first week of June.

While we were in Little Rock we moved our things out of the apartment that the Open Arms Foundation was letting us use.  I think it is only fair to let a family who is there full time use the apartment.  I remember all to well how hard it was living in the waiting room and at the Ronald McDonald house. 

The raindrops fell over Little Rock yesterday just as the tears were falling from little Tanner's parent's eyes.  Tanner passed away yesterday after his life support was disconnected.  He was just six weeks old.  I spoke with his mother on Tuesday night and we talked about Heaven and how comforting it is to know that they will be reunited with him some day.  She planned to dress him and hold him while the equipment was being turned off.  It was to be the first time and last time that she would hold him.  Please keep this family in your prayers as they make Tanner's funeral arrangements. 

I had a chance to check on little Jalisa too while I was there.  She is still waiting on a heart so please keep praying for her.  She has been waiting since December.

Yesterday as I drove home I noticed the newly planted crops in the fields that are starting to grow and the wild flowers growing on the sides of the highways.  It reminded me that it is Spring, the season for new life.  My thoughts turned to Brea and her "new life".  Last Spring she was laying on her back in an orphanage in China but this Spring she has a family and a brand new heart...a new lease on life.  God is so good and He has truly blessed our family with this precious baby girl.