Update-Saturday, March 3rd-A hard day :0(
It has been a hard day for our little peanut. She somehow managed to pull her tube that drains her tummy out of her nose early in the day and had to go through the trauma of having it reinserted and then pulled her ventilator tube from her nose this afternoon and had to go through the trauma of having it put back in. They were trying to give her as little sedation as possible since so many children get immune to it and it takes more and more to sedate them but after those two episodes they sedated her quite heavily and she is now resting comfortably for the first time today.

I'm sorry that I didn't get to the computer earlier to update everyone but I wanted so desperately to get to you before the end of the evening so that I could remind everyone to add her to your church's prayer list in the morning so as many believers as possible can be lifting her up to the Lord. I just know that God has a miracle in store for this child. What that miracle might be isn't clear at this time but my faith remains in Him.

Good night from Arkansas Children's Hospital Cardio Vascular ICU.