Surgery Update #3 (3:01 pm) · March 22, 2007
We just spoke to the surgeon and Brea is out of the OR and in her room. They are getting her all set up and ready for us to come and see her!

The surgeon said that her VSD was something that would have never been a problem to her if this virus had not attacked her heart. They also found a small hole in the top of the heart but it is common in small children and they check for it whenever they do open heart surgery on a young child. It too is now closed.

Bleeding will be the main concern for now so they are not starting blood thinners just yet but they will be started on Friday to keep any clotting from occurring in the Berlin heart. Please pray that no clots or bleeding happen!

Little Judah's family has been asked if they want to sign a DNR. They have been told that there is nothing else they can do. It is hard to celebrate Brea's surgery when another family has a child in so much trouble. We are praying for Judah with every breathe that we use to pray for our Brea and we would like to ask each of you to do the same.

Thank you, thank you for being so faithful in your prayers for our little peanut and for strength for us. It is only through our faith that we have been able to find the strength to get through this ordeal. (Phillippians 4:13).