Update-4/15/07-The Sunday Blues
Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week. Some people think of Monday as the first day of the week but for me it is Sunday. Going to church is the best way I can think of to start my week. I feel fed with God's word and the music is my fuel that gets me through the week but since Brea has been sick and our family has been torn apart, Sunday seems to be such a sad day for me. There are no sermons, no songs of praise, no family lunches, no afternoon walks with the kids and no cat naps while watching a movie with the kids. Instead my Sunday is filled with goodbyes...telling Danny goodbye as he heads off to Baton Rouge, telling the kids goodbye as they head back to Lowell or in the case of this weekend...telling them goodbye as we hang up the phone since we didn't get to see each other. It would be easy to just throw myself a pity party. Afterall, my family of five is spread over three different cities but I refuse to let Satan steal my joy! Today after Danny left for home, I put Brea's little jacket on and we headed outside. We blew bubbles, slid down the slide (yes, me too!), inspected leaves that we found on the ground, watched the helicopter at the hospital take off and land and I watched Brea master the rocking alligator on the playground here at the RMH. For every reason that I could think of to be sad, there were ten things that I could think of to celebrate...Brea's new heart, Brooke's health, Baker's health, the RMH, our extended families, our friends, our church family, the staff at ACH, the sunshine, the breeze, the sounds of birds chirping, etc. Did it make telling Danny goodbye any easier? No. Did it make not seeing the kids any easier? No. It did make me stop and think about all that I have to be thankful for and all that I have to look forward to when we are finally a family of five again...hopefully very soon.

Brea continues to amaze me with her determination and courage. She knows that it is going to hurt to crawl but she trys anyway. Sometimes she sits back after the first try and sighs but it isn't long before she is on her way to trying again. Today she pulled up on the side of the bed and took a couple of tiny steps while holding on. She is still so weak but she makes up for the missing strength in her determination.

I'd like to ask for your prayers this week not only for Brea's biopsy but also for Brooke and Baker. Brooke is usually a bubbly little firecracker and she sounded down tonight when I talked to her. She said she was aggravated with her brother but the mommy in me thinks there is more to it than that. Baker on the other hand is exhibiting some behaviors (lieing) that I'm not very proud of but I think he may be using it as a way to gain attention. We broke down and told them about the possibility of our family being back together again if Brea's biopsy goes well and they seemed excited but my heart is telling me that this ordeal has taken a toll on them and it has changed them. Please pray for God's healing touch to mend their little spirits and make them whole again. Please pray that this experience will just strengthen their character and will make them more compassionate to others in need. Please pray that they will learn to lean on each and that they will share a special bond not only with each other but also with their little sister. Lastly, please pray that we will be together again under one roof by this time next week.

On a final note I'd like to mention that Brooke placed third in a horse show this past Saturday. She has only been riding for a few weeks but I hear she is a real natural. It broke my heart to not be there for her big day but I hope she knows that Mommy was there in spirit and that I am very proud of her!

Goodnight from the RMH where the peanut has finally passed out and the mommy is not far behind her.