Update (4/19) ZERO REJECTION!
PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! I just received the call (5:20 PM central time) that Brea's biopsy shows zero rejection at this point!!!! We are headed home in the morning after we stop by the hospital to get her PICC line removed. We'll be back for her next appointment so PLEASE keep praying for a complete recovery. God hears and answers our prayers. Also, please pray for safe travels and a happy baby on the ride home...she is not a big car seat fan so 8 hours by myself is going to be fun. Wink   Please continue to pray about our financial situation for Brea's medical care.  I know that God wil provide for all our needs just as he has provided Brea with a perfect heart!

Gotta run for now...lots to do before going HOME!