Love Without Boundaries · December 30, 2007

Love Without Boundaries is an organization here in America that provides the funds to orphanages to provide life saving surgeries to children in China's orphanages.  Right now there is a fundraising contest on  Facebook is giving away $50,000 to the charity that can collect the most donations through the Facebook website.  The donations can be as little as $10.  The dollar amount doesn't matter...the contest is strictly based on the number of fonations.  They are also giving away $1,000 a day to the charity that collects the most donations that day. 

LWB has children in China RIGHT NOW waiting to have heart surgeries but they cannot go ahead with the surgeries because in China you must pay before the surgery can be done.  Sad but true. 

Please consider donating $10 in your name and $10 in your spouse's name to LWB via  It is quick and easy to register and the money WILL save lives!

Here is the link to the Facebook site...

If you want to read more about Love Without Boundaries, here is a link to their site...

Please remember...all donations through Facebook ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

You might be asking "why are you so interested in this" and the answer is easy...I cannot imagine what it would have felt like to be told "No, we cannot do Brea's transplant because you need to pay us in cash before we will even admit her to the hospital".  These poor children don't have a chance without LWB because they are orphans and the orphanages simply won't pay for the surgeries in most cases.

Thank you for listening and please help us spread the word!