October 16th · October 15, 2006

The newest Wusterbarth!

This morning six families and six children boarded a bus and drove across town for a meeting that would change their lives forever.  When our name was called we sat in front of the officials and answered a bunch of questions.  We were asked about the plans we have for her health and education and we promised to never abandon our baby.  We signed our names on several documents and put our thumbprint on them and then it was time for Brea to sign.  Her signature was a tiny blue footprint on the documents.  She didn't seem to mind the ink or putting her foot on the paper but didn't understand when we wouldn't let her crumple up the documents.  The director of her orphanage was there and he and the nanny answered more of our questions and we got a brief glimpse into the first 16 months of our daughter's life.

This morning I was dressing Brea for our court appointment and I put a 6-9 month outfit on her.  She looked adorable but the pants kept falling off!  Her size 2 diapers are huge on her so we'll be heading out for a package of size 1 diapers later this afternoon.  While we were having lunch with two other couples that are traveling with us we were comparing their hand sizes.  Brea's hands are so small...about half the size of one of the other babies that is just 10 days older than her. Her hands remind me of those on Brooke's Lee Middleton doll without the pudge.

We learned that her nickname was MinMin and that she drank four bottles of powdered milk per day (not formula).  We were also given a small photo album of the orphanage and a few pictures of her in her crib there. 

I'm signing off on this rainy afternoon in Xi'an, China to go play with stacking cups with my daughter...Breann Grace Xiaomin Wusterbarth.

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The clothes that Brea was given to us in.
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