Ballet, Breakaway and water girls! · September 13, 2010

I just had to tell everyone how well the kids are adjusting to new schedules and a new school year.  Brea is finally enjoying kindergarten and she has made two new friends that she talks about all the time!  She is starting to read simple sentences and sight words and she loves having homework like the big kids. 

Bailey is also adjusting nicely to preschool.  She LOVES her teacher and new friends and actually asked to go on Saturday!  She comes home with lots of crafts and worksheets to show us and she is so proud of her work!  Last Tuesday she made a major break through at ballet class!  Ms. Angie (her teacher) said that she actually participated in class and enjoyed it!!!  She was eager to show us her new moves when we got home and she is now the resident expert on all things ballet even though her sisters have been taking for 3 years and 11 years. 

Baker is adjusting well too.  He is driving us all a little crazy practicing the tuba but I figure it could be worse.  He could be playing the drums!  Football season is in full swing and between games and practices it takes up three evenings and a Saturday every week and it will be this way until the end of November.

Brooke is really enjoying her 8th grade year.  The school dance team dances at all of the home games and Brooke and her best friend Brooke volunteer as water girls for all of the away games.  I think they enjoy squirting the boys in the face more than any thing! Throwing another football game into our week sure keeps us on our toes but we are really enjoying all the activities!

Brooke and Baker attended the fall youth retreat this past weekend.  It was Baker's first time going to camp and he loved it.  On the way to camp a pipe flew off a work truck that was in front of them and came through the windshielf of the bus.  The kids said the driver never even swerved and kept the bus under control. No one was hurt and they made it to camp safely.  God was watching over those kids and keeping them safe so they could enjoy a weekend full of learning and growing spiritually.  They came home exhausted and on fire for Christ!  I love to see my kids so excited about God's word and to see Him working in their lives.

Can I ask a favor of Brea's faithful prayer warriors?  Cold and flu season is fast approaching and with her being in school full time now we are all a little concerned.  She is being exposed to so many new germs and viruses.  Could you please pray with us that she will stay well and that her little body will continue to accept her heart as its own? The school is working so hard to help us keep her environment as clean as possible but as we all know...colds and the flu are spread through the air and there is not much that can be done to protect her from that.  I DO have a sense of peace about her health.  God has brought this child so far and I KNOW without a doubt that He has big plans for her life.  I also know that prayer and faith will do more to protect her than a whole truck load of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer (even though we are using plenty of those too)!  Thank you so much for being part of our prayer team!

Enjoy the photos!

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