family such luck! · May 28, 2009

This week we have watched agencies all over the USA receive LOAs (Letters of Approval) from China.  So far ours has not shown up.  I know our agency wishes it would so I would stop bugging them.  Often times LOAs are sent out by log in date (the date that your dossier was logged into the China Center for Adoption Affairs in Beijing) but this time there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.  Some folks with log in dates of 4/7/09 got their LOAs while folks (like us) with late March log in dates still wait.  The frustrating part of this whole wait is knowing that Bailey is growing and changing every single day without us.  We've missed so many "firsts" with her and I don't want to miss any more.  We do know that all things will happen in God's timing and not ours.  For now we wait and wait and wait some more!   Having Bailey home for a dip in the pool this summer is starting to look like it might not happen so I am going to start preparing myself for the very real possibility of August or September travel.  Boy do I hope I'm wrong! 

Before I sign off tonight I'd like to ask you to pray for the family of one of Danny's coworkers.  Earlier this week he was cutting a dead tree down when a limb hit him in the head.  He passed away on Monday.  He leaves behind a wife and two young children (the same ages as Brooke and Baker).  The wake is tonight and the funeral is on Friday.  On a final note...Danny and I know where Trey is tonight.  He was someone who was never shy about sharing his faith in God.  That has to be comforting to his family but I can't imagine the pain they are going through right now just knowing that he will no longer be part of their day to day life.  Please pray that they will find comfort in their memories and that God will grant them peace during this very sad time.  Please also pray for safe travels for Danny and all of Trey's family and friends who are traveling to the funeral.