A day at the Baton Rouge Zoo · November 16, 2009

We had wonderful weather here in Baton Rouge this past weekend so we decided to spend the day at the zoo!  Brooke, Baker and Brea LOVE the animals and we just assummed that Bailey would to...WRONG!  She was very excited on the drive there and on the walk to the zoo but once she spotted the first animal exhibit her attitude changed.  She was fine as long as we didnt get her out of her stroller and as long as we didn't push the stroller to close to the exhibits.  We stopped at the play ground to let the kids play but she wanted no part of that either.  Our next stop was the interactive children's area and petting zoo.  She was interested in peering in at the animals from mommy or daddy's arms but she didn't want to touch any of the animals!  When we entered the barn yard and I put her down she stood perfectly still like a statue.  She didn't cry but she didn't try to interact with the animals either.  Brea on the other hand couldn't get enough of the animals!  She brushed the goats, talked to the sheep while she petted them and even tried to convince her Dad to let her take one of the little goats home as a pet!  One little goat discovered that Brooke's cast made for a good place to scratch his head.  At one point I thought poor Brooke was going to be toppled over by the goats that were surrounding her and trying to get her attention. 

We attended the animal encounter show and Bailey got a close up look at a snake, alligator, turtle and ferret.  She wasn't  afraid of them when the animal handler brought them around to pet but she wanted no part of petting them, that is until the little furry guy came around.  She immediately reached out to pet the ferret without any coaxing!  We've come to the conclusion that she is a city girl and not fond of anything without fur.  Here are a few photos...enjoy!

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